The First Call For Tenders For Onshore Wind Power Has Been Completed
> June 2017

When the results of the first call for tenders for onshore wind power were published, it became clear that energy companies set up by residents are the great winners of that contest. 93% of the winning bids, or 96% of the winnings bids’ volume, went to residents’ wind parks.

256 bids, the volume of which amounting to 2173 MW, were made. 70 bids with peak power totalling 806,660 MW were chosen. The first call for tender ended with an average state funding amounting to 5.71 ct/kWh in total. Within the grid expansion areas, the highest winning bid from energy companies set up by residents was 5.58 ct/kWh; outside the grid expansion areas, the highest winning bid was 5.78 ct/kWh. The lowest winning bid was 5.25 ct/kWh.

The privileged residents’ projects’ great success and comparatively low hurdles for the simplified procedure are fueling discussions about professional investors and project developers using stooges. This is because it is enough to issue a “self-declaration” that the requirements for the company`s shareholder structure are met in order to enjoy the special regulations.

It remains to be seen how many of those residents’ energy projects will be implemented. Due to prolonged deadlines for implementation (54 instead of 30 month), a reliable outlook cannot be made at present.