beck up companies - Shelf Companies

If you need a company at short notice, we can offer you an incorporated and registered shelf company which has already been founded and registered with the commercial register.

When buying a shelf company you can save not only time – the entry in the commercial register can take four to six weeks – but also many efforts. In particular, exclusion from liability resulting from foundation is crucial.

When establishing a company, liability is limited to the nominal capital of the company if the company is registered with the commercial register and the nominal capital is fully existent at this point in time. Otherwise you risk personal and unlimited liability for the shareholders and managing directors if you commence business earlier.

Our companies have already been registered with the commercial register and the nominal capital has been fully paid up. After purchase of the company and application for registration with the commercial register, you may take up business straight away without taking the risk of asset impairment liability or partner liability as shareholder or managing director. We are happy to assist you in any further questions which may arise in connection with the purchase of a shelf company, such as alterations to the partnership agreement, change of managing director and provision of trade licences.

In addition, we can offer your company a business seat in our br businesscenter and provide you with office rooms, meeting rooms and function rooms. We can also offer you a competent one-stop service in helping you to cope with any challenges arising when your company commences trade.

We are happy to arrange a non-binding meeting with us for you.

For the purchase of a shelf company we charge as follows:

Purchase of a GmbH (German private limited company) / EUR 2,500
Purchase of a KG (German limited partnership) / EUR 1,750
Purchase of a GmbH & Co. KG (German limited partnership, the general partner being a GmbH) / EUR 4,000